Infrastream is an asset management consultancy that expertly facilitates our clients’ achievement of outstanding outcomes

What we do and support through the asset lifecycle

What we do and support through the asset lifecycle



We support you in the integrated improvement of your processes and capabilities with a focus on people.


We design and lead workshops that bring you rapid, tangible and effective outcomes.

Project Partnering

We partner with you to tackle complex long or short term projects via hand picked team players.

Client Testimonials

Infrastream’s Director Steve Doran is personally wired to develop and improve processes through people engagement. Steve believes in the power of a good idea from the people doing the work, and works with staff in an honest and engaging way to build a successful outcome. Steve’s technical grounding, and honest/personable approach delivers a good process outcome, and engaged staff to deliver it.
Bernie Sheridan, Water & Wastewater Treatment Manager, Sydney Water
Innovation is simple to say but complex to negotiate. This interactive workshop improved my understanding of the influencing factors for change with in an organisation. We discussed, through group activities, how these factors may be developed, implemented and measured, drawing experiences from the diverse range of participant industries.
Glen Kerr, ILS Capability Manager, ASC Pty Ltd
Michael Bourke, Resources & Industrial Services Business Manager, Broadspectrum
An interactive and energetic workshop that will help you start or reinvigorate your asset management improvement initiatives.
Clare Scanlon, Asset Management Engineer, Lend Lease Corporation

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with

Why choose us?

We are about delivering outcomes beyond expectations. In other words:

  • We care that you get tangible results and outstanding value like your objectives are our own.

  • We specialise in boosting and delivering innovation, not just adaptive improvement or correction.

  • We understand the people in your asset and process intensive industry, both internal and external to your organisation.

  • Your strategic end goals provide the basis for us to deliver corresponding operational change.

  • Your unique needs determine how we tailor Infrastream’s structured and systematic approach.

In fact, these five points form the basis of our Client Service Charter and we are committed to delivering on them.


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