Creating Value in Infrastructure Management

Client Service Charter

  1. We care that you get tangible results and outstanding value

    1. We are conscious to respond to your need for ‘quick wins’ as well as long term gains

    2. We stay accountable, available for the whole improvement initiative journey with you to see benefits realised

    3. We would much rather give you maximum value and cost you less overall, with sharp inputs rather than a continuous protracted input

    4. We aim to ensure strong ongoing value, not just through content knowledge transfer but through process, tools and skills transfer

  2. We specialize in boosting and delivering innovation, not just adaptive improvement or correction

    1. We guide your people to innovate and produce outstanding outputs by engaging the ‘right/creative brain’ then the ‘left/analytical brain’

    2. We help you build customised frameworks that ensure ongoing raised levels of innovation

    3. We are not just about fixing but creating new value

    4. We don’t just help to improve on weaknesses but help to improve on strengths

  3. We understand the people in your industry, both internal and external to your organisation

    1. We relate not just to executives, but know how to engage frontline staff

    2. We understand and manage common industry personality traits which can innocently hamper outstanding outputs and innovation

    3. We develop solutions collaboratively with your people – they own the outputs

    4. We ensure that key stakeholders are engaged at the right time – and in most cases that means early

  4. Your strategy provides the basis for us to deliver corresponding operational change

    1. We are proven exponents in supporting you to make operational change happen successfully

    2. We have particular expertise in frontline asset management and it’s interfaces

    3. We offer strategic solutions as required but also tactical solutions that directly reflect your existing higher level strategies

    4. We provide progression structure via processes, tools and templates that move you rapidly from the abstract to the tangible

  5. Your unique needs determine how we tailor Infrastream’s structured and systematic approach

    1. We listen and learn first, to understand your unique culture, systems and needs

    2. We have proven methodologies for improvement, from initiation to success, that are used only to the extent that they fits yours

    3. Your input and knowledge shapes our assistance from start to completion

    4. We understand that you work within a wider system and pay attention to interfaces and impacts

    5. When you require a rapid response, our agility advantage becomes your advantage

  6. Our values chart our company’s direction

    1. Your satisfaction is our top success measure

    2. Integrity and trust are our highest values

    3. We are as loyal to the client and as concerned for their objectives as we would be as a permanent employee

    4. We don’t ‘know it all’, we will learn from you too

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