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Project Partnering

Infrastream specialises in partnering with clients to tackle complex and challenging long term projects via hand picked team players and collaborative and innovative work approaches. Areas of expertise in which we thrive on assisting in this way include projects where stakeholder alignment, process innovation, difficult decision-making and/or user friendly system development are vital.

Contact us to discuss these type of scenarios that may be emerging for your organisation and we would be delighted to see if there is opportunity to help based on projects that we have partnered on with clients to date.

More Project Examples

Infrastream is committed to achieving outstanding outcomes for its clients. Here are some examples:
Performing the review of Overflow Containment Program assets and their management in preparation for beginning the 10 year Regional Development Consortium contracts for Sydney Water.
Performed the asset management systems audit for NorthWestern Roads, the managers of the Westlink M7 motorway and NorthConnex motorway tunnels, against AS ISO 55001.
Drafted the inaugural Strategic Asset Management Plan for Sydney Desalination Plant Pty Ltd.
Performed the asset management system audit of the treatment plant function performed by Veolia for Hunter Water against AS ISO 55001.
Performed the asset management maturity assessment for the Sydney Desalination Plant, focusing on activities carried out by the asset managing contractor Veolia in the context of the AS ISO 55001 Asset Management System standard.
Prepared report for Sydney Water to be tabled for their IPART efficiency review audit covering Dry Weather Overflow to Waterways NSW EPA licence breach causal factors and costing of a $ 304M program of works to meet the regulatory requirements.
Led internal audits as part of Sydney Water’s preparation for mandatory certification, as required by IPART, against ISO 55001. Sydney Water subsequently achieved certification by June 2019.
Led the stakeholder and customer consultation and reaction management for water pressure reduction via remotely controlled valves by Sydney Water with success to date for 51,000 properties and an ongoing annual benefit of $1.7M, with further benefits from the current stage anticipated to double these benefit outcomes.
Delivered ISO 55000, 55001 & 55002 training to all NSW Dam Safety Committee staff.
Provided specialist support auditing of maintenance management and asset management against the ISO 55001 requirements at Macarthur Water Filtration Plant.
Carried out the ISO55001 Asset Management System audit of WaterNSW’s Murray Darling Water Meter Maintenance contract as delivered by Comdain Infrastructure, assessing and reporting on performance against 176 requirements.
Delivered in-depth review of Sydney Water’s management of Trade Waste for worker safety in networks over a fifteen year period, prioritizing 40 gap areas of strategic, tactical and operational nature for action.
Directed and led an improvement program for centralised management of Transfield Services’ 65,000 owned mobile assets with a replacement value of $ 650M across Australia and New Zealand.
Undertook audit & review and delivered recommendations for Sydney Water’s Overflow Containment Program advising the decision to transfer of management of equipment, valued at $8M with high impact risk, to Thiess Services.
Developed & managed a Request for Proposal and appointment for leading asset management practice for condition assessment of 48 hostels accommodating Indigenous Australians for the Australian Government.
Designed and led a Value Engineering workshop with government and non-government stakeholders with conflicting environmental and cost drivers to determine optimal designs for fishways along the Gwydir River, NSW, for State Water.
Delivered group improvement review and recommendations applying to the Civil Projects Group (including 12 project coordinators) at Sydney Water.
Led development of a project management framework to support frontline staff managing projects within a $200M program for treatment plants at Sydney Water.
Facilitated Value Engineering initiative for proposed Penrith Lakes development flood infrastructure, resulting in identified potential savings of over $ 30M for Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation and their client Penrith Lakes Development Corporation.
Performed procurement review, including formal tender, of mobile asset services and supply for fuel, tyres, maintenance, transport and disposal resulting in negotiated client savings of > $800K per annum and oversaw process implementation to recover Fuel Tax Credits of $420K back claimed and $240K per annum ongoing for Transfield Services.
Provided Innovation Management advice for major Australian water industry operations and maintenance > $1B contract bids in three Australian capital cities, with two 1st and one 2nd place team outcomes.
Drove a program to increase innovation and continuous improvement activity across LinkWater, a bulk water transport operations and maintenance alliance in Queensland.
Led development of Asset Management decision processes to empower over 500 mechanical/electrical and civil frontline maintenance staff for Sydney Water.
Undertook Asset Management review and developed improvement program for management of $140M of mobile assets across Transfield Services.
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