Creating Value in Infrastructure Management


Infrastream is an asset management consultancy, established in 2008, that expertly facilitates its clients achievement of maximum value for minimum cost and effort.
We deliver our services via consulting, workshops or project partnering.

We are passionate about delivering you outstanding outcomes of enduring value, by aligning our expertise with your complex organisational goals as an owner and/or manager of vital infrastructure, facility or moving assets.

Our services are designed to bring innovation to your situation in collaboration with you. Our skill and method coordinates the creative and the systematic to deliver powerful change, with emphasis on the integration of processes and tools with your most valuable assets – your people.

Our unique value to you begins with our understanding of the interfaces between the human, technological and process aspects of your challenge rather than being singularly focused in any one of these as is commonly the case with consultancies in our field.

Our origins are in infrastructure management and our adaptable approach is well proven for, and not limited to, the type of industries that depend heavily upon blue collar labour and Engineering.

Maximising your success as you define it is our purpose, and our aim is to exceed your expectations.
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