Creating Value in Infrastructure Management


Infrastream’s consulting approach progresses the integrated improvement of Processes and Tools, with a focus on People, to elevate your outcomes to inputs value ratio.

Our strong capability to progress you toward your goals is built on the fusion of proven and effective but flexible approaches with consultants that have a high concern for your success to match their knowledge, experience and intuition.

Our approach to making improvement real

If you, as the client, have defined approaches and can use Infrastream’s skills, networks and knowledge to apply these, it would be a delight to begin a path to success with you.

Alternatively, we would together customize a program to suit the unique culture and processes of your business, using the approach which is illustrated on the left.

Each stage includes an Ideate (Exploration using the “Right Brain”) phase and a Focus (Assessment and Definition using the “Left Brain”) phase. Within each staged segment, we engage the most suitable techniques for your circumstances, from a range of options.

This framework has proven to be highly successful in supporting clients towards their goals, innovatively. Each stage represents a summary of supporting detail which is flexible to your needs. For example, the first question “Why the change?” may be underpinned by a next level of questions such as “What is the ultimate purpose of the change?”, “What are the objectives of the change?”, “What will be the primary measures of success?” and “Who are the stakeholders that are driving the change?”.

In short, flexibility from an effective and proven base is what we offer, so feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion, for us to learn about your unique situation and together form an approach that may best suit you.

Your Outcomes

Your outcomes will be specific to the goals of your business, but can be summarised as:
…so your business gets more for less in achieving its corporate goals.

Your Outputs

Tangible outputs from your journey with Infrastream, through its Consulting Services, may include, but are not limited to:
Process Maps & Designs Technology Reviews Maintenance Schedules
Management Systems Operations Manuals User-friendly Tools
Survey Results Strategy Papers Gap or Cause Analyses
Multimedia Presentations Non-financial Audits Action Plans
Performance Reports Takeholder Management Plans Recommendations Reports
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